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Semi Permanent Make Up

This medically developed procedure is a method of implanting colour pigment into the skin to create lasting and define any look.

Your eyebrows frame your eyes. Have natural looking eyebrows again. Repair eyebrows that have been tweezered too much, waxed too much, have dropped with age or have become sparse.

Semi-permanent makeup can help to frame and define your eyes. Also, they are proportioned and balanced with your facial shape and features, based on the look you desire. The colour shading will compliment your hair colour and features. Again the choices are based on the look you wish to achieve. Customised eyebrow shaping with natural-looking hair strokes, balance and design!

Eyeliner is applied to lash line (upper and lower) to make eyelashes look fuller and to add definition to the eyes. You can decide from a natural looking, soft fine line to a darker, more sophisticated look.

Prices from:

  • Brush Stroke (feather brow) – £275.00
  • Eyeliner
    • Top – £150.00
    • Bottom – £150.00
    • Both – £280.00
  • Beauty Spot – £65.00


Ombre Brows, also known as powder brows is a permanent makeup technique which creates a soft shaded pencil/brow look. This amazing technique gives definition and depth to the brows.

2 sessions required 4-6 weeks apart

  • Powder Brows Per Session (including first top up) £275


Lip Blush is a form of tattooing on the lips rejuvenating the colour of the lips border and the fullness. This will make the lips look bigger, brighter and more defined.

  • Lip Blush £300 (includes top up needed after 4 weeks)


All the above procedures are done under strict sterilised rules. A well trained certified technician administers the procedure and all materials are pre-sterilised in individual packaging and disposed of properly. Comfort levels vary from person to person. We use a topical anaesthetic cream for numbing in this medically safe procedure.

Please contact the salon for a consultation and patch test.

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